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I Am A Feminist

There I’ve said it.
And it wasn’t so bad.

I am not a lesbian, I don’t have hairy armpits, I don’t hate men, I’m not shouty or militant or aggressive, and I don’t spend all my time making banners and trying to get rid of porn. Although, it would be just fine if I was any of those things (apart from the hating men one)

But I do believe in equality for women. I cannot understand why there shouldn’t be parity on pay, employment, education and society. I believe in a concept of mutual respect and on the notion that people shouldn’t form opinions immediately upon noticing whether someone owns a penis or not. Yes, I’m talking to you, man who told me I should have L Plates on my pushchair when I had my brand new baby inside it. Not because I wasn’t pushing it properly, but because “women drivers need to be trained”

The time has gone now, where it was OK to judge women on their looks rather than ability. The time has gone where it was OK to differentiate between which jobs or studies women should and could have. And consequently, the time has gone where it’s OK for men to whistle at women in the street, or attempt to grope us in nightclubs. Newsflash – WE’RE NOT GRATEFUL. WE THINK YOU’RE A MORON.

Look, I’m not going to go on about this, because it’s not something that I do – it is something that I am.
I believe I am equal to everyone else, unless proved otherwise. And what’s more, I believe that everyone else is too.

I haven’t given time or commitment to feminist campaigns, for various reasons, but what I will do, is ask you to have a look at this: my lovely friend is part of the team who are campaigning for the abolition of Page 3 in The Sun. They need support. If you are unsure as to why this is a problem, or don’t really know if it affects you, why not give them a read? They are enlightened and eloquent women who believe passionately in this cause, and will be able to explain why.

Thanks sistas and bruthas


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