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Threading. It’s the future.


Well, everybody – big news on the Bectora front – I had my eyebrows threaded this week for the first time in a while.

If you don’t know what eyebrow threading is, let me bring you up to speed…

Threading is an alternative to plucking, where a length of cotton is doubled over and sort-of twisted, and then you pay another person to use this cotton to grab a whole bunch of hairs from your eyelid, and yank them out at break-neck speed.

Truth is that it’s quick and effective. It hurts less than waxing, and takes much less time than tweezing, but good lord, we do some things to ourselves in the name of vanity.

I’ve had mine threaded about half a dozen times, and each time, my eyelid and the surrounding areas are a little sore and a little tender for about 12 hours afterwards, and my eyes water like I’ve been peeling onions while watching Blood Brothers – but here’s the thing:

I kinda like the pain.

It gets addictive. It’s over in moments, and when it’s finished, your whole face changes. The little specks of blood that persist are merely testament to your commitment to the art, and because you have been sitting in a salon chair under some treatment lights, you almost feel that you’ve been pampered and earned it.

So, I wholeheartedly recommend threading. I almost look forward to the hairs growing back, so I can have another go, and I have a rather sadistic desire to watch someone with really bushy brows go through it.

But I draw the line at upper lip and chinny-chin-chin.


I’m not an idiot!


One thought on “Threading. It’s the future.

  1. I got mine done for the first time ever last November. My brows look fantastic and i never realised the importance of this until i look at my brows now and they look polished and professional. It does make a huge difference


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