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You Shouldnt Of Gone Their. (Agh, my eyes….my eyes…)

I am a pedant. And I judge people who don’t use correct grammar and punctuation.

And I am aware that I am setting myself up for criticism here, because, having announced the above, I really need to ensure that this post is 100% accurate. Not 110%, because THAT’S NOT A THING, but 100%. Accurate.
Here’s the thing; I just get annoyed at common mistakes that people shouldn’t make. I’m not talking about knowing everything about syntax and word order, or even subject and verb agreements and the rules of punctuation and spacing. I’m not even talking about (and here, I shudder) “text speak”, because I do understand that space and time are premium on much social networking.

No, I am talking about your basic, bog-standard errors, where people should bloody well know better.

For example:

  • There. Their. They’re.

They may sound the same – but they don’t mean the same thing. Putting the wrong one of them in a sentence, will change the meaning of the sentence:
  It’s over there/That is theirs/They’re over there, with their children

  • Could have. Should have. Would have.

Not Could of. Should of. Would of. < These don’t mean anything. It is HAVE.

  • Your and You’re

That is yours/You’re right. It is.

Look, basically, stick an apostrophe in when you’re (you are) replacing a letter. Simple.
I could go on about this for hours on end, citing examples and getting wound up about approximately 75% of my “friends” on Facebook, but I won’t. There are forums and places for people like me, where we can be outraged and incredulous together, and laugh smugly at all the people who get things wrong, and despair at the future. So don’t worry about that – I’m covered in my pedantry.

But, I will leave you with this photograph, as it is the reason I was thinking about bad grammar, spelling and punctuation today.

If you’re a teenager on a social networking site, or a person who wants to spout vitriol on a You Tube video, or a forum contributor, who doesn’t have spell check, then, to be honest, I am a little bit annoyed at you, but I won’t let it bother me. It’s your webspace, your issue and your problem. Or not. And it won’t make huge amounts of difference to my daily life, other than to contribute to a general sighing on my part.

If you are a multi-national company, with branding across the globe, and product placements and advertising within reach of millions of people, then mistakes like this are unforgivable: photo

Sort yourself out, Galaxy. Or You’reself. So their.


















If you didn’t get it – this should say: “When you buy this Galaxy Bubbles pack, you’re helping to reduce…”


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