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Refurbishments and a quick trip to the city

Day 3

Today, our first full day of the holiday, we planned to take it easy, chill out, wander round the locale eat cake and generally do nothing. We didn’t even set an alarm.

Clearly we forgot who I am, as, actually, I hate doing all that on holiday. I am that person (there must be one in every family or friendship group) who sees a holiday as some kind of expedition/adventure/drill/time trial/logistical endeavour. I am the one that shouts “come on, come on….half the day has already gone” at 7am, and have been known, on previous vacations, to coordinate other families’ ablution routines in order that I can get to the shower block for 5:30am. I will have breakfast waiting, and be standing at the door, holding your shoes, before you’ve even had your morning pee. Fortunately, over many years of wearing him down, the husband acquiesces to my whims, and Smallboy will never know anything else.

So, alarm not set, and lie-in booked, the good people of Camping International had slightly different ideas, when at the crack of dawn (about 7:45 if I’m honest) a huffing great tractor started shovelling crap, or digging up the road or burying a body or something, right out-chuffing-side Maison de Morris.

It was replaced thirty minutes later, by a bloke in a high vis jacket, sweeping the dirt track like he was auditioning for the French curling team, and some other bloke on a steam roller type affair, flattening grass, house bricks, debris and small children.

Alright, alright…we’re up…we’re up.

So, we walked to the local park, Parc du Tremblay. Apparently Paris’s largest provincial park! and situated “just round the corner” from our holiday park. Apparently, this means something else in France.

20 minutes later, we were there. It was pretty fab – There was all sorts to do. Around 12 different playgrounds, tennis courts, golf courses, basketball, sculpture trails, lakes… even a circus. It took us a good two hours just to get to the other side. So we decided to mosey around the town (Joinville) which is actually rather lovely.

But by 12:30, we pretty much felt like we’d done it all

“Let’s pop into Paris” says I.

A quick (1.5 mile) walk to the station, a coupla RER tickets purchased, and fifteen minutes later, there we were at the Pompidou Center. It’s all inside out, dontchaknow?

We decided just to chill and relax. So we walked to Notre Dame and then the parliament buildings. Just a cool 9km.

Smallboy was protesting quite vocally at this point, stating his feet were refusing to continue until his mouth had some cake, so we stopped at a patisserie and watched Paris stroll by.

Would have been rude not to, really.

A sneaky trip to the McDonalds toilettes (I am not paying a euro for a slash) and we were homeward bound.

Bonus day in Paris completed, the day ended as it began with bread and wine.

Tomorrow, we are planning to be busy.


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