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We Made It

Day 6

I know you’re all dying to know…did we make it to the Louvre?

The answer is; “yes, we did.”

And, as it turned out, the smuggery of pre-buying the tickets actually worked, as there was no queue and we strolled straight in.

The concourse underneath the giant pyramide is fabulous. It truly is a work of art, and clever construction. But, of course, like ever other philistine  visitor, the galleries denon is the one that we headed to first, to go and view the museum’s most famous lady.

I’d seen lots of photos online of people viewing Mona. They all look like this….

  …so I wasn’t expecting a peaceful, zen moment with the masterpiece, but in actual fact it was nowhere near that busy, so we were able to get fairly close to her.

My first reaction upon seeing the famous enigmatic  portrait was “oh”. I mean, genuinely, it’s obviously the work of an incredibly skilled artist, and hugely famous….but, I just don’t know what I should have experienced. I don’t know if this opinion will have me hunted down by the art police, and covered in oil paint and hung on a scabby wall in a temporary exhibition space, but I couldn’t really see what all the fuss was about.

I don’t know what’s supposed to make one painting worth so much more than another. I saw a fab one with some disembodied heads and an angry cherub pointing a knife at them. I liked that one. And another with an angel fighting a bloke with long dark hair and an empty scabbard, which held my attention for ages.

But at least I’ve seen her.

(Maybe the cosmos pre-empted my reaction, and that’s why it was so hard for me to gain entry in the first place)

Anyway, after Mona, we had a lovely look round the galleries – I particularly enjoyed the ancient Egyptian art, and the Greek and roman stuff. And I have to say I loved old no-armed Aphrodite… (More commonly known as Venus de Milo) but soon all three of us were museumed-out, so we ate a pizza and then chilled once more in the baking Paris sun.

Now, I am, of course, going to write a guide full of tips for taking a five year old to Paris – but today you get a freebie. 

When your five year old starts protesting, in a world famous museum about his feet hurting; the art being boring; and asking when he can go home; – simply play the game of “find the bums and willies on the statues” 

It will keep him (and the Japanese tourists) entertained for hours.



2 thoughts on “We Made It

  1. Did you hear of the Winged Victory of Samothrace ? It’s as stunning as the Venus, and in the Louvre too .
    I still wonder why Anglophones call this painting “Mona Lisa”, which only is the ending of its name, “portrait of Monna Lisa ” . . In Italian it’s called “La Gioconda” and in French “La Joconde” . As the painting was started in 1503 in Italy and finished in 1519 in France I’d think Italian and French names are more relevant . And that’s the name given by Leonardo .


    • Yes, we saw the winged victory. Very impressive.
      I guess “Mona Lisa” is just the popular and publicised name?
      Perhaps that’s why all of the signs pointing to the location of “la Jaconde” are accompanied by a picture of the painting? Because of confused British tourists…


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