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The Disnification Commenceth

Day 9

Having fully packed, cleaned down the “holiday home” and ate as much crap out of the fridge as we could stomach at 7 in the morning, we duly trundled our stupidly massive suitcases down Le Camping boulevard, to the backdrop soundscape of the static home across from ours being dug out for car parking, by a bulldozer and a couple of mini steam roller things. One can only hope that the inhabitants had vacated first.

It’s been really quite lovely at Joinville, and Le Camping has been quite nice, but four mornings of waking up to a building site, is four mornings too many really, and after a final climb up the rocket-frame, we were quite happy to say “au revoir.”

A final embarkation onto the 101 (during rush hour with our stupidly massive suitcases) and a skip down the platform to catch the RER to Vincennes, and we were on our way. Smallboy was excited to be going home.

We hadn’t actually told him that we were going home, rather we just made a big deal out of our “final night on the campsite” and talked a lot about “catching the trains with our suitcases” – a parental decision to omit certain facts, rather than an actual lie.

At Vincennes, we changed platforms to catch the Marne Le Vallee train. It was lovely and deserted, and we settled back to a game of “I Spy” for the thirty minute journey. Smallboy is quite good at I Spy, although I maintain that “something beginning with f” and the answer being “forty four” as seen on the screen, telling us it was 09:44, was more like I Spy Extreme Edition 

The train arrived at Parc Disneyland, and we exited the platform with our stupidly massive suitcases. As we blinked into the sun, we encouraged Smallboy to spell out the sign in front of him.

” D…i…s….ney…land…why are we in Disneyland?” 

He was pretty excited to learn that not only were we NOT going home and were staying in Disneyland, but also there was a LEGO STORE (this is pretty big news for Smallboy) and we no longer had to spend our days traipsing round dusty city centres looking at historical monu….yawn…..ments….

We checked into the Sequoia Lodge. This is a pretty big upgrade for the Morrises. We are your Hotel Cheyenne kind of stayers, but we thought “bugger it,” this time…and very glad we did. It’s really quite lovely. Massive rooms, friendly staff, gorgeous pool and right on the banks of Lake Disney.

We managed a couple of rides today, but were happy to mosey, really, knackered and hot as we were. Our half board meal plan comes with an added bonus of a free afternoon cake or ice cream and a drink, so we are well on our way to consuming the annual combined calories of the entire population of Luxembourg this week. And the diet will start on Sunday. Promise.

Tomorrow, the husband has booked our petit dejeuner for 7am, so we can be in the park and raring to go when it opens two hours early for hotel guests. 

So, tonight we sleep in a lovely bedroom, with lots of facilities and rather more room than the little cabin we’ve called home for a week. Yessir, from camping to 3* hotel is kind of a culture shock, but I’m glad we did it this way round. I’ll be swinging “chats” in our massive bathroom all night.


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