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Blue Lagoon and a Siesta 

Day 10

The 6am alarm sounded like a good idea when we set it last night, but, oh, how the bones in this 41-year-old body protested this morning.

Still, disney awaited, and we were duly showered, dressed and down in the breakfast room for 7am, as promised. Now, I’ve read and heard all manner of warnings about the cattle market style breakfast experience at The Sequoia Lodge, and when we stayed in the Cheyenne, it was certainly a free for all scrum, elbows-in-your-face kind of affair, but let me give you a tip – go to breakfast at 7am. It’s so chilled and peaceful; the staff are warm and friendly; the few other patrons who are there, are polite and wait their turn, and it’s really a rather nice dining experience. As we left at around 7:30, the queue to get in was starting to swell, and it was full of stressed looking parents, crying disney princesses and small boys with swords, making enemies of calves and thighs.

We strolled past them, fully satiated, ambled through Disney village, and shot through the main gate of Parc Disneyland, flashing our “hotel guest” cards for early entry.

Now, I don’t want to sound like a magic kingdom employee, but if you are a guest at a Disney hotel, you get to go into the park 2 hours before the plebs non-hotel guests. Which means you can get on loads of attractions, meet characters or ride trains without any queuing. And it’s surprisingly quiet.

All of which meant that we managed four big rides before 10am, and were then able to catch great seats for the spectacular stunt show in the studios.

We decided to go back to the hotel when the sun was at its hottest, and the park was at its fullest, with every intention to go for a swim… But just had a little lie down, and a snooze…

At 5pm when we finally woke up we got our act together, shot back to to the park, caught the last showing of Cinemagique and then went to The Blue Lagoon, for our reserved evening meal.

Those of you who know me, will know that The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is my absolute favourite theme park ride. I love it. I loved the one in Florida, and I adored the one in California, but the Paris one is my favourite. And the boats you travel on, sail through a Caribbean restaurant.

And, finally, we ate there. It was wonderful. The meal was perfect, and the experience was brilliant.

When we finished, we had to go on the ride again…Smallboy is a little freaked out by the drops, but he compensates by squeezing the blood out of my arm on every descent.

We decided to omit the firework display – too many frikken people and go to bed instead, to burn off those calories with a good 7 hour sleep before we fill up on breakfast.

It’s a hard life…


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