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Back to the City for one last hurrah

Day 12

We got a seriously good deal for the whole Disney part of our holiday, which is why we ended up with 6 days. It’s been great, actually, because it’s meant that we’ve had plenty of time to do all of the things we wanted to, several things we never wanted to do, and loads of things that we didn’t realise we never wanted to want to do.

However, the downside is the mileage we’ve covered. I say downside, because in the 26 degree-plus heat we’ve been having, the lack of weather-appropriate clothing, and Smallboy’s small legs, it’s been hugely hard work covering the distances that we have. All of which has meant that we actually decided to take time out today, have a late breakfast at virtually dinner time  09:30, and spent the morning in the pool, jacuzzi and sauna. Like what normal people do on normal holidays.

“Come to Paris in Spring” they said. “The weather is changeable, so bring a coat and dress in layers. It will be mild, and cold at night.”

My suitcase is full of sodding long-sleeved tops, boots and two coats and it’s  hotter here than it was when we went to California in June!! I’m planning on wearing my pyjamas tomorrow, because they’re technically shorts. Or maybe my swimming cossie. If I team it with a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, no one will notice… 


Because of last week’s Louvre debacle, and having to re-engineer our plans ( I love a bit of “on your feet” adapting), we didn’t actually get to go up the Eiffel Tower. So, last weekend, we booked tickets for the famous monument, for tonight. 

We had an early dinner at Chez Remy, where you shrink to the size of a mouse 



…and then hotfooted it back to the beautiful city of lights. I say hotfooted. Three fekkin trains, it was. I feel so acquainted with Chatelet Les Halles RER station, I might as well move in… Anyway…

It was a grand idea, pre booking those tickets, because we got straight through, and avoided the mahoosive queue, arriving just in time for our 8pm ascent.

It might be a tad touristy (who’s idea was the weird champagne bar at the top?) but it’s breathtaking when you get up there. We last visited, the husband and I, in 1998, when he (prior to his husband status) had a little box with an engagement ring in it, burning a hole in his nervous little pocket. The idea was that he was going to propose at the top of the Eiffel Tower, but when we got there, it was full of a German coach party. Who were all drinking bier and singing raucously. It kind of deflated his romantic notion. (For those fact fans among you who want to know, he proposed a day later….outside The Louvre on the Place du Carousel) ( I said “yes”)

Anyway, this time we had Smallboy with us, and he absolutely loved it. It really is a bucket-list thing, and the view of the city is really something. And to stand atop the tower, at 9:30pm in April, wearing a tshirt and actually feeling a bit too warm, is quite special. We’ve really lucked out with the weather.

All too soon, we had to depart. We did get to see it lit up (whilst on it and afterwards too) and for the first five minutes of every hour during darkness, it sparkles… Which was all kinds of fab.



We then made the long journey back to Marne La Vallee. And let me tell you, if you think the train to Disneyland is going to be quiet at 11:15pm on a Thursday night, you’re wrong.

I mean, I realise that people live in houses near to the various stops, and they’re probably much more pissed off with my presence than I am with theirs, but I wanted a sit-down.

And you know what I think about people!! Some of them had rucksacks.

Anyway, back to the hotel by midnight and up at 6 for our last full day in the park. 

So glad we “chilled out” today…



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