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Penultimate Park Life and Packing

Day 13

The penultimate day of the great Morris adventure 2015.

It looked like this

  • 7am breakfast – beat the crowds
  • 8am in the park. Buzz/Pinnochio/Rock n Roller Coaster (ouch – getting too old perhaps)/Slinky Dog/Ratatouille/River Boat Cruise/Thunder Mountain/Art of Animation
  • Told Smallboy that today he could spend the holiday money that Granny and Grandpa gave him. This was the entire focus of his day
  • Lunch at Sports Bar
  • Got Fastpass for Tower of Terror. Went for a snooze instead and forget to wake up in time( told you – too old)
  • PauseGourmand
  •  Dinner at Plaza. With too many other people. Ugh
  • Sneaked a spot for the fireworks – husband sneaked two rides on Indiana Jones
  • Bought Mr and Mrs Potato Head – with pirates and toy story accessories.
  • Hot chocolate and watched Disney Dreams
  • Wanted early night because of this:


  • Which is the reason that today’s blog looks like this.
  •  It’s half past midnight, I’m up at 6 tomorrow checking the baggage and then a last onslaught of the park, to sweep up all the crap we haven’t yet done. I’m not a writing machine , you know…

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